How you answer the phone holds more power than you think!

To celebrate #salespersonday, we wanted to go through some incredibly simple tips on how you can provide great customer service which will improve your brand image and potential business.

Some of the points below may seem obvious, however, they can be easily ignored if you are having a bad day, in between tasks, or just aren’t a fan of the caller. But it is important to remember that a company only gets one chance to make a good first impression and it’s in the hands of the person answering the phone.

For that reason, providing friendly and REAL care and support to the people you connect with is critical to business development. How employees converse on the phone links directly to customer retention and loyalty, as well as increasing overall customer satisfaction.

The Ombudsman Services report last year estimated that UK businesses lose about £37 billion every year due to bad customer service. When customers have a bad experience, around a third will respond by spending less on that brand and are more likely to switch to a rival (Source: Google 29 Jun 2018).

The best way to take an inbound call:

  1. Answer within 5 rings if possible, no more than 10.
  2. Answer with a smile, regardless of how you may be feeling – you can hear a smile.
  3. Good Morning/ Afternoon, [Company], [Your Name] speaking….. How can I help?
  4. Can I ask what it’s regarding, please?
  5. Pass through or take the details, name, company, phone number and note the time.
  6. Try and help where you can

It is important to always be polite regardless of what the call is.

Extra tips to provide the best customer service:

  • Don’t leave them on hold too long
  • Always take note of their details
  • Speak in a clean, slow tone of voice and make sure to enunciate your words.
  • Instead of “I don’t know”, say “I’ll check on that for you”.
  • When a caller is speaking, listen to what he or she has to say without interruptions.
  • Always end with a positive closure, e.g. “Thank you for your call” or “Have a nice day”.

Without customers, there is no business. Without business, there are no jobs. The reality is that customers are essential to our everyday lives. CUSTOMER IS KING, so let’s treat them like they are.

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