Hello all and Happy New year!

2020 is the year of perfect vision, so make sure your business looks great and feels professional and trustworthy. We work with many fantastic companies that can help you flourish and stand out from your competitors.

Get in touch now if you want to meet and discuss any of your needs or visions and let’s get the ball rolling!


Do you want a website facelift or a brand new e-commerce site using the most intricate platforms? Or maybe you need a bespoke CRM system specific to your business. Perhaps you want to expand your reach through exciting, custom-built apps, VR or AR development. If you have an idea but have no clue where to start or if it is even possible, then you need to speak with Click!

Click Digital Solutions have an incredible team of back-end developers who can create and design all of the most technically complex and specific software to enhance your business. Their website is under construction at the moment but you can see some of their previous work on www.facebook.com/clickdigitalsolutions.

Branding & Social Media

Fancy giving your products a new lease of life with a fresh design? Want to improve your online presence with a uniquely designed social media plan, with implementation and analysis? Maybe you want to bump your website up the Google rankings through SEO and give PPC a go?

www.mushdigital.co.uk are a strategic and creative group who can help improve how you come across online and make sure you are getting the most out of the tools available in the digital realm.


Need new marketing materials to promote yourselves or a new product? Would you like to put on the most impressive event of the year, or wow your target audience with an amazing marketing campaign with exciting results?

Experiential marketing specialists www.drunkanimal.com are one in a million as they always exceed expectations and regularly make national news. Give all of your marketing needs and worries away on a monthly retainer or challenge the Roosters with a one-off promotional blowout!


Whether you want to update your team photos or get some well thought out, impressive footage to enhance your case studies, www.js-photo.co.uk can create content that will impress any client or customer.

JS Photography consists of a large team of highly recommended photographers, videographers and drone users located all around the UK who can accomplish any work you put to them to an impressive standard.


For all of your sales and marketing needs, we are your girls! Visit us on  www.newdaylsltd.com or drop us a message if you want to meet for a chat and a free consultation.


Provide your office with a coffee that tastes amazing and be happy in the knowledge that by drinking it, you are directly helping Ugandan children get an education, uniform, healthcare, food and accommodation.

Try it now, with automated monthly deliveries available, on www.saficoffee.co.uk.

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